Themen der Facharbeiten in Klasse 9

Themen für das Portfolio oder die Facharbeit in Klasse 9

In Englisch ist die Facharbeit oder das Portfolio vollständig in englischer Sprache zu verfassen. Folgende Themen sind möglich, eigene Vorschläge werden darüber hinaus gern aufgegriffen:


1.         An (imaginary) journey through London

2.         London's history

3.         The history of Australia

4.         More than half the population of Australia lives in Canberra, the capital, and

            the six state capitals Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and

            Hobart. Choose one of these cities. What can you find out about it?

5.         Famous Australians (pop singers, TVstars, sports heroes, politicians ...)

6.         Famous Brits (pop singers, TVstars, sports heroes, politicians ...)

7.         In Australia there live some animals, birds and fish that aren't usually found in

            other countries. Find out some information about this topic.

8.         Australia's National Parks

9.         Scotland - history, sights, ....

10.       Report about your trip to London

11.       Canada, .... one year abroad

12.       British traditions and customs

13.       Bank holidays in the USA

14.       Black music

15.       Jack the Ripper

16.       The Royal Family      

17.       The educational system of Great Britain / the USA

18.       Presidents of the  USA

19.       The USA as a trendsetter for fashion, music and style

20.       Fighters for human rights

21.       Northern Ireland - background to the troubles